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Proposed legislation will weaken data security and breach notification laws

Proposed legislation will weaken data security and breach notification laws

Security Breach Prevention

The Data Security and Breach Notification Act, approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, would pre-empt stronger breach notification laws in several states and would eliminate data protections of telecom account records.

The bill is weaker than the data security and breach notification standards that consumers currently enjoy under stronger state laws and existing federal law.

The legislation would require businesses across the U.S. to notify affected customers after a data breach is headed toward a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives even though the bill will actually weaken protections for consumers.

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15:51:41 EDT -0400
Many data breaches take over 1 year to fix after the first intrusion

Security Audit Program

ISO 28000, 27001, & ISO 27002 / HIPAA / SOX PCI-DSS Compliant

Severs and coprorate data are breached on a daily basis.  While this is happening most companies are  unaware that their propritary information is being stolen. Janco has found that over 90% of cybercrime victims find out about the compromise only after a 3rd party notifies them.  Then after a cybercriminal gains access to an enterprise's network it takes an average 416 days to detect the intrusion.

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19:54:38 EDT -0400
5 Must do task to become a world class CIO

IT Job Descriptions

5 must do tasks that World Class CIO all complete

  1. Align IT efforts around the overall organizations strategy
  2. Provide value added solutions and transform models for IT applications accordingly
  3. Establish metrics to manage and measure performance
  4. Embrace new technologies as they become available
  5. Develop Advanced IT Technology Capabilities

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19:04:28 EST -0500
What do all of the major system breaches have in common?

All of the major data breaches in the news have in common -- there is total lack of timely detection. In fact, most of the victims had no idea they were breached until the U.S. government’s three-letter-agency watchdogs notifies them.

Typically the attackers operate undiscovered for months before they were discovered. A good security information and event management would have alerted those organizations to the attackers’ activities.  That would include phishing, malware exploits, unauthorized remote access and data exfiltration.

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17:26:48 EST -0500
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