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CIOs continue to spend more on security

CIOs continue to spend more on security

Security ManualCorporate spending on IT security reached a record $81 billion in 2015. This represents an 8% increase, and it’s predicted to increase another 8% in 2016. With an accelerated increase in spending on cybersecurity you would think companies are winning the battle against cybercriminals – but they’re not. Virus infections, network penetrations, and data breaches continue at alarming rates, and with greater consequence.

One key component is Janco's Security Manual Template see

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BYOD policy lacking in over 50% of all organizations

BYOD policy lacking in over 50% of all organizations

BYOD policy25% of business have have no systematic security approach for dealing with BYOD. In addition, 53% of businesses do not have a formal BYOD policy.

Mobile security best practices have been pushed by analysts and security firms for more than a decade to protect sensitive corporate data.  But how companies implement security for BYOD workers falls short.

It is clear that a growing need exists for a more robust application of security policies and procedures in modern businesses.  Janco's BYOD Policy Template is the one took that can help achieve this. 

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Is a cloud based DR plan workable?

Is a cloud based DR plan workable?

There are several things that need to be considered before you can answered.  Included are:

Reasons Why CIOs Recommend Outsourcing

  • Public cloud versus private cloud including all of the mandated security, privacy and confidentiality requirements.
  • Bandwidth requirements and processing speeds of the data that is to be accessed
  • Location of the cloud processing site and availability of the the cloud after the event has happened

All of these questions are answered in Janco’s How to Guide Cloud and Outsourcing

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11:44:35 EDT -0400
Record Management is difficult with Shadow IT

Record Management is difficult with Shadow IT

Record ManagementCloud Application and shadow IT put organizations at risk. Many cloud-based applications, don’t have the level of security process and controls to meet mandated compliance requirements.  For example, data stored in a cloud storage application may not be secured using security best practices.  If someone uploads sensitive or confidential information to that cloud application, not only is the data vulnerable to a breach but the organization may be non-compliant with corporate governance or regulatory requirements for record management.

Record Management Policy Download Selected Pages 

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11:43:36 EDT -0400
Congress to create one more govt agency for security

Security PolicyU.S. Congress (House of Representatives) is proposing that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration set up an Automotive Cybersecurity Advisory Council to develop cybersecurity best-practices for manufacturers of cars sold in the U.S.

In addition they are looking in to requiring vehicle manufacturers to state their privacy policies, besides providing for civil penalties of up to $100,000 for the hacking of vehicles.

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