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A new must have requirement for IT Pros is competence in regulatory compliance

The world will continue to be heavily regulated. And if it is regulated, then businesses must comply with regulations. IF IT Pros are going to do something, you should do it as well as you can - even if they would rather not do it at all. In the case of regulatory compliance - if we made regulatory compliance a requirment for IT Pros then IT could be a driver in more areas of the business.

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CIO 2015 Planning for growth

CIO 2015 planning for growth current articles.  Must read and get ready for new priorities:

  1. Innovation is a world class CIOs driving force  Innovation and the CIO Innovation is a driving force for change yet it also comes with risks.  Few companies invest in it, and ones that...
  2. IT Management Suite – complete toolkit  IT Management Suite The IT Management Suite contains all of Janco’s products at a savings of over $2,500. Plus for a limited time (until 12/31/2013)...
  3. ISO 31000 Compliance – Risk Management  ISO 31000 Compliance – Risk Management Cloud processing and outsourcing add external risks to a business’ operation. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has implemented a...
  4. CIOs Drive Enterprise Management Processes  IT Infrastructure is key to CIOs leading enterprises in their management processes CIOs and other members of the IT management team could be the reason...
  5. Budgeting Puts Fear Into Many CIOs and IT Managers Budgeting for 2014 is challenge for many CIOs Budgeting can be a harrowing experience or an opportunity to show that you are an executive who...
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Top 5 Firewall Management Best Practices

Top 5 best practices to address some of the most common firewall challenges that lead to misconfigurations or other problems that cause firewalls to fail in their crucial missions.

  • Keep the enterprise security policy manager or compliance manager in the loop on firewall changes.
  • Clean up unused rules.
  • Eliminate conflicting rules.
  • Follow a consistent workflow for requesting and implementing firewall changes.
  • Get application developers or the dev ops team on the same page with the firewall administrator.

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IT HR articles that CIOs and HR managers should read

Recent IT HR articles that CIOs and HR managers should read:

  1. ERP Job Descriptions (13.2) ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning Job Description Bundle Released Janco has just released 15 Enterprise Resource Planning Job Descriptions in its ERP Job Description Bundle. ...
  2. Interview and resume review are key to good hiring  Good Interview is driven by understanding the resume CIOs and other senior tech managers confess that too many IT workers’ resumes contain both exaggerations and...
  3. 10 important aspects of IT Pro’s jobs  In a recent survey Computerworld identified the five most important aspects of IT Pro’s jobs.  At the same time Janco Associates has expanded that list...
  4. Top 10 indicators that you are about to be fired  Top 10 indicators that you are about to be fired Circumstance often make CIO and It Managers oblivious to the clues they are about to be...
  5. Top 10 Interview Questions  Top 10 interview questions can lead to more specific questions that improve the chances of a successful hire In a review of over 1,000 job...

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