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CIO's productivity is the key to succss and compensation

CIO's productivity is the key to succss and compensation

For CIO's productivitgy the organizational structure must support the goals of the organization and be consistent with its culture and capabilities. Well-defined reporting structures are based on the IT and business direction; take into account organizational barriers; and consider the effect of combining or separating the functions that are targeted for change.

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CIO and IT Manager Tools

You can get all of Janco's templates in its IT Management Suite. When you do that you save over $2,500 and when implemented your enterprise is positioned to have a "WORLD CLASS" Information Technology function. You will be in compliance with all mandated requirements including all US and International requirements.

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IT Job Descriptions

IT Job Descriptions

The Internet and IT Position Description HandiGuide has just been released.  The 2016 Edition includes 273 FULL JOB DESCRIPTIONS.  They have all been updated to meet the latest mandated requirements, BYOD support and a full set of Enterprise Resource Planning positions.  New in the 2016 edition are the following:

  • Updated job descriptions to meet compliance requirements
  • Updated Employee Termination Form to include BYOD and Personal Computer data removal
  • Added 3 job descriptions; Manager IoT; Manager Green Initiatives; and Android Programmer

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What factors need to be considered in a disaster recovery plan

What factors need to be considered in a disaster recovery plan

Disaster Recovery TemplateJanco Associates has developed a data recovery plan template that businesses can use to build their own plan together with guidance on what needs to be included.  Janco recommends that any plan should take into account the following:

  • IT services: Which business processes are supported by which systems? What are the risks?
  • People: Who are the stakeholders, on both the business and IT side, in a given DR process?
  • Suppliers: Which external suppliers would you need to contact in the event of an IT outage? Your data recovery provider, for example.
  • Locations: Where will you work if your normal premises are rendered inaccessible?
  • Testing: How will you test the DR plan?
  • Training: What training and documentation will be provided to end users?

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CIOs continue to spend more on security

CIOs continue to spend more on security

Security ManualCorporate spending on IT security reached a record $81 billion in 2015. This represents an 8% increase, and it’s predicted to increase another 8% in 2016. With an accelerated increase in spending on cybersecurity you would think companies are winning the battle against cybercriminals – but they’re not. Virus infections, network penetrations, and data breaches continue at alarming rates, and with greater consequence.

One key component is Janco's Security Manual Template see

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BYOD policy lacking in over 50% of all organizations

BYOD policy lacking in over 50% of all organizations

BYOD policy25% of business have have no systematic security approach for dealing with BYOD. In addition, 53% of businesses do not have a formal BYOD policy.

Mobile security best practices have been pushed by analysts and security firms for more than a decade to protect sensitive corporate data.  But how companies implement security for BYOD workers falls short.

It is clear that a growing need exists for a more robust application of security policies and procedures in modern businesses.  Janco's BYOD Policy Template is the one took that can help achieve this. 

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